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Newton Community Pride’s Festival of the Arts is a weekend-long cultural event, from July 22-24, with music and arts performances occurring on different days and times at various venues across Newton. This year, ALL Over Newton is collaborating with NCP on the Festival, expanding it to include Newton's small businesses and restaurants. "SHOP, EAT, & ENJOY THE SHOW" will celebrate Newton’s active culture scene during the Festival of the Arts weekend, creating awareness of, and driving traffic to, Newton's small businesses and restaurants. 


"SHOP, EAT & ENJOY THE SHOW" makes shopping and dining during the Festival weekend easy. Participating businesses will be promoted by ALL Over Newton, receiving the following deliverables and benefits:


  • Inclusion in ALL Over Newton's marketing materials to the Newton community about the Festival--social media post, graphic emails, newsletters, press releases, and other publicity channels.


  • Business posting (name, photo, description, and url link) on ALL Over Newton's "SHOP, EAT, & ENJOY THE SHOW" Festival of the Arts landing page. From there, shoppers can see participating businesses and restaurants with their unique offerings, and click through to business sites.

  • Help creating and promoting special events for your business over the weekend-- W. Newton Brunch crawl? A Summer in the City Sale? Picnic Party Boxes? Author Talk & Book Signing? In-store/restaurant drawing demos? The possibilities are endless, and we can make the local connections to help your business stand out.


  • Increases the visibility of your business to thousands of prospective and current customers in Newton.

  • Informs shoppers & diners about your business and its offerings.


  • Drives shoppers & diners to your business throughout the weekend-long Festival.​


  • Links your business to an exciting community-wide event and associates it with Newton's vibrant cultural scene.


  • Increases community interactions with your business.


  • For current ALL Over Newton subscription clients who have not yet used their 1 free promo: $0


  • For current ALL Over Newton clients who have used their 1 free promo: $99

Deadline to Participate: July 12th by midnight
For Information on Starter Package Subscriptions & Participating in the Festival of the Arts: SHOP, EAT & ENJOY THE SHOW Promotion, CLICK HERE

All participating businesses will be listed on ALL Over Newton's SHOP, EAT & ENJOY THE SHOW landing page, but promotions are limited to ALL Over Newton customers.

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